ALL-TIME RESULTS (last update: Apr 13, 2015)

picks staked returned PROFIT ROI ROC
1406 5303 5932.79 +629.79 10.6% 656%
...Skeeve has long been our top rated Sports Betting tipster due to his excellent track record of profits in every season since 2006/07. Coupled with his exemplary customer service and the fact he settles all his bets at extremely fair and achievable odds, he sets the standard for other football tipsters to follow... (Peter Ling, Secret Betting Club)

...Skeeve is the service that has been there, done it, and bought the T-shirt. With five seasons of profit-making behind them, this is a service that knows how to handle losing runs, that can self-analyse effectively to mantain and improve performance moving forward, and which brandishes the evidence that some serious hard work goes into making the selections every week in their Friday night email... (Rowan Day, The Portfolio Investor)

...With no little flair, Skeeve shows the obvious benefits of specialisation, meticulous research and selectivity in his betting... (Greg Gordon, Progambler)

...It has been observed that initially quoted prices often drop sharply within seconds, and Skeeve's recorded prices are frequently considerably lower than those proofed by Sports-Tipsters... (Joseph Buchdahl, Sports Tipsters)

...Excellent stuff from Skeeve, I agree... (Terje Grefstad, Betting Advice)


2015 picks staked returned W-V-L PROFIT ROI ROC
  47 182 175.42 21-5-21 -6.58 -3.7% -10.9%
April 13  52   64.72   8-1-4  +12.72   24.4%  21.2% 
March 17 64 47.54  6-1-10  -16.46   -25.8%  -27.4% 
February 11 42  30.12  3-2-6 -11.88  -28.3% -19.8%
January 6 24 33.04 4-1-1 +9.04 37.6% 15.0%

***advised bank: 60 points (since January 2015)***
***all odds are recorded with a fair delay, when they're usually at their lowest***
***proofed to Secret Betting Clubsince March 2008***
***proofed to Sports-Tipsterssince August 2012***